Construction Services

Judd Pools has 30+ years of experience in starting the process and providing “COMPLETE” solutions. We handle everything to do with pools including:

  • Construction Process
  • Repair
  • Renovations
  • Remodeling
  • Landscaping
  • Decking

Construction Services


  • Personal design assistance by a IBL/Judd Pools design consultant
  • Pre-excavation meeting for approval of layout in backyard
  • Permits from the local city or county will be obtained and posted
  • Notifications will be sent to the local utility companies for location of elec.‚ sewer‚ gas…
  • Temporary construction fencing at access point for safety and liability


  • Expert drivers on a rubber tire loader will help to minimize damage to concrete drives‚ walkways‚ landscaping‚ and grass during excavation
  • During excavation an IBL/Judd Pools construction supervisor will be present to set the elevation of the pool‚ which is crucial for proper drainage
  • All interior areas of the pool are hand trimmed by experienced professionals
  • Prior to completion of this stage an IBL/Judd Pools construction supervisor will insure that all floors and walls are trimmed per design and that proper compaction has been achieved

Steel reinforcement:

  • Bond beam - 4 bars #4 (1/2”) continuous
  • Walls and floor - #3 (3/8”) 8”” on center
  • Deck dowels every 4’ (3/8” rebar connecting the gunite shell to the pool decking)
  • All steel tied to the highest Judd Swimming Pools & Spas standards

Gunite Structure:

  • Pneumatically applied gunite
  • Walls and floor – minimum 6” thick and hand trimmed by experienced professionals
  • Gunite bond beam – 12” wide x 18” deep (top portion of pool shell)
  • 4‚000 – 5‚000 PSI ----- NSPI minimum is 3‚500 PSI
  • Lifetime gunite shell warranty that is transferable to a future owner

Tile & Coping:

  • 6” frost proof‚ acid proof decorative tile. Five year warranty on tile
  • A wide selection of the following copings: Bullnose brick‚ Flagstone with chiseled or polished face‚ Travertine‚ Canterra‚ Torrean‚ Five year warranty on coping …
  • Also available is hand sculpted manmade coping and boulders

Pool Plumbing:

  • All sch40 PVC is used for the hydraulic system
  • Pipe diameters are determined by calculating the flow rates desired for certain pumps‚ filters‚ spas‚ and water features
  • Suction ports entering the pool or spa are installed using NSPI guidelines for safety
  • An automatic fill device is installed on all pools to save time and money
  • The hydraulic system will be pressure tested after completion. This will save time through construction by avoiding any unexpected leaks in the system

Pool Decking:

  • We provide you with a wide range of materials: Pea gravel‚ Ideal deck‚ Travertine‚ Brick pavers‚ Flagstone‚ Stamped cement‚ Sculpted gunite…
  • All decks are poured a minimum of 4” thick with piers with a 2 year warranty
  • Interlocking steel bars are installed between all expansion joints‚ this allows for no deviation from one concrete section to another
  • Judd Swimming Pools & Spas. uses 3/8” re-bar 15” o.c. for reinforcement‚ not just wire mesh


  • All electrical wiring is installed per city‚ county and NSPI codes and guidelines
  • Lighting circuits installed in the pool are all GFCI protected for safety
  • We have the ability to install automated control systems for your convenience (these systems are installed so that you may control your pool with the touch of a button)


  • 2 coats of white marble plaster troweled by hand to a fine finish with a 5 year warranty
  • We also have custom surfaces such as Sunstone‚ Hydrazzo‚ Diamond Brite…

Pool Equipment:

  • Pump
  • Heater
  • Filter
  • Cleaner
  • Chlorinator
  • Spa blower
  • Valves
  • Controls

Post construction:

  • Before filling a sample of your tap water will be tested so that we may know the exact chemical start-up necessary for your pool. This saves costly mistakes.
  • Your pool will be started‚ cleaned and fine tuned then we will instruct your family on how to operate your new swimming pool

Additional features included in pool:

  • 2 automatic skimmers plumbed and valved independently
  • 6 adjustable returns with wall fittings
  • Dual main drains on all suction lines other than skimmers for safety and flow factors
  • All lighting systems are custom designed for each particular pool
  • Dedicated line for cleaner
  • All manual maintenance equipment: pole‚ brush‚ vacuum hose‚ net‚ test kit

Additional features included in spa:

  • 6 adjustable‚ interchangeable hydrotherapy jets with triple line manifold
  • 21/2” suction and return lines
  • 100 watt halogen light with blue and red lenses
  • Designed for constant filtration during pool mode
  • Hand sculpted multilevel‚ contoured benches